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Friday, 28 August 2009


Land Activities
Beach Valley Ball, Cycling, Futsal, Jungle Trekking , Motorcycle Ride, Visit Chinese Temple(Fu Lin Kong),Visit Dutch Ford(Kota Belanda), Visit Hindu Temple(Sri Maha Kaliaman),
Visit Satay Factory(Kilang Satay).

Cycling over Pulau Pangkor, bicycle can be rent by per day or per hour.
Ride motorcycle and go around over Pulau Pangkor. Motorcycle can be rent at Nipah Bay Villa by per day or per hour.

At Teluk Gedung lies the 330 year old stone foundation of a Dutch Fort built in 1670. It was one of the Dutch strongholds against pirates and local Malays. Actually, during the Dutch occupation in the 17th century, tin supplies from Pulau Pangkor and the mainland were stored for protection in this fort. As time goes by, the locals were unhappy with the treatment of the Dutch. So, they managed to destroy the fort sometime in 1690. This is not the end because the Dutch then returned in full force to rebuild the fort.

Fu Lin Kong Chinese Temple

Fu Lin Kong
is a Chinese temple in Pulau Pangkor. Many Chinese tourists like to visit and pray in this temple to get the blesses from god. However, this doesn't mean that Chinese temple is only the favourite place for Chinese only. Other races and foreign tourist also love this place because Fu Lin Kong is one of the popular temple in Pulau Pangkor and its exquisite environment to take photo.
Fu Lin Kong has various Buddhist statues inside the temple and many alcoves and ponds around. Many tourists will make their wish in this temple because they believe the wish will come true. The unique of Fu Lin Kong is that there is a mini Great Wall Of China build beside the temple. This has reflected the magnificent view of this temple.

One of the most hidden and still interesting enough Kaliaman temples you can find on the mainland, not far from Pangkor Town.

The Sri Maha Kaliaman temple is something special around the Pulau Pangkor area. It's all about location. This little temple is build right in the middle of a estate.
The temple is dedicated to the Hindu bloodthirsty goddess Kali, also known as the dark goddess. In the Indian vedas, the religious text thousands of years old, there's a proto-Kali mentioned. It's a goddess of death, destruction, bad luck and grief. She is still venerated in that sense.
Kali is a ferocious form of the Divine Mother. She's the goddess of time and of the transformation that is death. Lord Shiva (one of the three main gods in Hinduism together with Vishnu and Brahma) and Mother Gauri in their destructive form are known as Mahakala and Mahakali or Kali.Fearsome god Kali
Kali is the energy that paralyses the attachments produced by the solar and lunar currents. This attachment causes fear of death. In the ignorant ones she creates fear, while for others Kali removes the ignorance that makes us fear death.
Inside the temple, you find a few statues including a fierce looking goddess Kali. She's here depicted with heads with arms hanging out of the heads on her belt. Indeed a fearsome goddess.
In Malaysia you will find Kaliaman Temples in many places. This temple in the middle of a palm-oil estate is unique. It was build by the workers on the estate who in Malaysia are mostly Indian.
The temple is a very basic construction, in fact no more then a cover for the statues and altar where people offer. There's a few people hanging around and taking care of the temple.
If you hang around a bit longer, you will see the workers coming up and do their prayers and offerings.
Looking at the construction, one can wonder why to visit this temple. It is a simple construction in the middle of the estate but for that reason it is worth a short visit.

Visit Satay Factory at Sungai Pinang Besar.
Do a Jungle Trekking with our Guider.

Activities on evening playing Futsal. Field can be hire per day or per hour Playing valleyball at the beach. Field can be hire per day or per hour.

WATER SPORTS ACTIVITIES Banana Boat, Boat trip, Fishing Trip, Jetski, Kayaking, Snorkling & Scuba Diving.

Ride a speed boat trip, if you lucky on time can go closer to see Fisherman caught anchovies (Ikan Bilis)
Kayaking to Giam Islands or Mentagor Island. Kayak can be hire per day or per hour. Banana Boat ride. Jetski. Snorkling at Giam Islands. Scuba Diving with guiders in Pulau Pangkor.


Water sports activities at Teluk Nipah.

Boat trip

If you luck at time you snorkling, you can see it.

View point spot on the way to Teluk Nipah.

Dried Octopus.

Souvenir Shop at Teluk Gedung near Dutch Ford places.

Fishing Trip.

Big Boat catching Anchovies (Ikan Bilis).

Boat builder at Sungai Pinang Kecil.

Fisherman boat parking Area.

BBq time at Nipah Bay Villa, or you can do it by your own.

Hurm...sunset view on the evening make you relax your mind at the beach.

Night street view at Pangkor Town.

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